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Hi Friends,
I’m Steve Schilling, the key character Les Cochran writes about in his
“Love, Lies and Liaisons” trilogy.  Can you believe he made me into a sex addict?
I don’t know why; maybe it’s because he’s a lot like me.
Whoa … I bet that got your attention!
Actually, our similarities evolved over a period of many years.  We were both
university presidents with strong leadership skills.  We had the identical successes on
campus and were involved the same type of community events.
He says that’s where the similarities end, but many of his friends think he’s really me.
Of course that’s not possible, because I’m Steve Shilling.  Still I wonder,
“How does he know so much about me?”
Anyway, he asked me to write a short story about my memories so individuals
like you would have a better understanding of why I’m like I am.  Hope it’ll give you
more insights about me and … about Les.
Cheers to all of you,
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My Detroit Thorn Birds series is historical fiction, but as Scott Burnstein of The Oakland Press said it “is a surefire hit with lovers of both fiction and non-fiction.”   It offers readers a firsthand look at life in Detroit during some of the city’s most violent years.  You’ll get acquainted with Mafia characters, members of the FBI, police officers, and everyday citizens.

Gloom and Doom is a prelude to the series—it’s a quick read that sets the stage for what’s to come. Times were tough in Detroit; following the 1967 riots the city was on a steep decline.

The police department was corrupt.  The Mafia was in control.  Gang violence was on the upswing. The characters in the series were fighting to save their homes, their dignity, and their way of life.

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