• SIGNATURE AFFAIR exposes the underbelly of academic life on a Midwestern college campus — the politics, sex and backroom machinations. A sex-driven university president, Steve Schilling, takes the university to new heights. Everything is coming up roses. He’s loved and respected by all. Behind this image is a troubled man unaware of his personal issues. He maintains five affairs loving each woman equally, treating her as if she’s the only one, exceeding her expectations in every way. Steve’s wife discovers his philandering ways. A young reporter takes a series of enterprising actions to undercover the truth. His world collapses and Steve struggles to save his career.
  • COSTLY AFFAIR is the second novel in a “Love, Lies and Liaisons” trilogy. It follows SIGNATURE AFFAIR that exposed the disturbing life of Steve Schilling, a highly successful university president. Again, his adroit leadership skills are tested as he turns around a financially-troubled university. Politically astute, Steve outfoxes scheming faculty members, raises millions of dollars, builds a new arena and gains broad respect. He develops a close, loving-relationship with a beautiful and powerful media guru and treats her as if she’s the only one. Alas, she is not. Steve’s long-standing sexual addiction makes it impossible for him to distinguish between sex and love. Striving to make women happy, his life vexes him as he copes with personal desires and professional challenges.
  • PRESIDENTIAL AFFAIR: The intriguing conclusion of the “Love, Lies and Liaisons” Trilogy. As the first female president of the United States, Janet Stetson is the most powerful woman in the world, but to Steve Schilling she’s much more than that. The two form the perfect team — on the Hill during the day and in the White House at night — he treats her like no man ever before. Together they develop a plan to reform the nation’s beleaguered public schools and successfully gain support from both sides of the aisle to pass legislation that revolutionizes our public school system. While she’s making tough decisions, he’s involved with other women creating a “Steve-a-mania” epidemic. And when his sexual encounters extend beyond the White House, there’s an attempted assassination of president. The Secret Service, FBI, CIA and NSA work together like never before to uncover those responsible for this treasonous act.
  • Detroit is hemorrhaging; a criminal juggernaut has brought the city to its knees—the Mafia has outwitted, outmaneuvered what is widely known as the nation’s most corrupt police force. The city’s social fabric is torn beyond repair, neighborhood gangs are rampant—unethical political officials offer no help—the situation is hopeless! Yet, buried deep in small neighborhood enclaves are pockets of people unwilling to succumb to these evil forces; they’re clawing for survival, an uphill fight against all odds—to save their homes, their dignity, their way of life—they are the Detroit thorn birds.
  • LOVE, LIES and LIAISONS TRILOGY portrays the dual life of a highly successful president who turns around two universities. Steve Schilling, the sexy-looking president works his way through the politics, sex and backroom machinations of a Midwestern college campus then moves on to become a God-send for a financially troubled university in North Carolina. He is loved and respected by all. Behind this image is a troubled man struggling against all odds to deal with his compulsive sexual behavior. Unlike those called womanizers of the past, Steve’s problems are compounded by women attracted to his advances. He’s handsome and very successful; a good catch for any woman. Recruited to Washington D. C. by the first female President of the United States, they form the perfect team—by day they’re passing legislation to reform our nation’s beleaguered public schools and by night they’re sleeping in the White House. Steve’s sexual encounters extend beyond the President. Agents from other countries are fully aware of his shortcomings and seek to take advantage of his weakness. It never dawns on him that he’s being used by sexy female spies. His escapades place the President of the United States in harm’s way — there’s an attempted assassination. The Secret Service, FBI, CIA and NSA work together like never before to uncover those responsible for this treasonous act.
  • Detective Clark Philips is upping  the ante; his team of police officers and FBI agents embark on an operation to undercut Mafia run blind pigs and unmask Mafia ties with the Catholic Church. Building upon their successes in SAX CLUB, the real-to-life characters continue their uphill battle in BLIND PIG, the second historical fiction novel in the “Detroit Thorn Birds” series.
  • It’s the early ‘80s and heroin is king. It’s all about the money; there’s no loyalty. The only rule is to get even. Killings of Detroit and other mafia across the nation—all on the 22 nd of the month—means someone is trying to get even with the mob. The FBI is puzzled. Team members work relentlessly to discover what appears to be an international conspiracy to get even. Detective Clark Philips and his team of police officers and FBI agents end up in a direct confrontation with the Mafia’s big bosses. Their probes into Mafia connections with the Catholic Church provide new revelations and a twist on those responsible for the number of body mutilations and killings. Father Dom’s digging into Mafia ties with the Catholic Church uncovers surprising mafia manipulation.


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